Friday, July 8, 2011

Your Mission 07.08.11

Your weekend mission,
should you choose to accept

1) Say "Good Morning" to 2 strangers.
2) Stand outside for 3 minutes and take 15 deep-long-breathes.
3) Stop giving advice. If you always tell your friend how to fix his/her problems, the relationship will be unbalanced. You become the one Who knows All, and she becomes the One Who Is Troubled. Eventually you're both going to tire of those roles. Instead, let her bounce ideas off of you. Ask, "What are you planning to do about this tricky situation?" Or just give a supportive comment: "That sounds difficult. How do you feel about it?" Offer your opinion only if she asks for it. Otherwise you're not having a dialogue; your giving a lecture. - Frank M. Lachmann

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Create by Faith Ford with love
{photo via flickr}

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