Sunday, February 6, 2011

Powder-coating is... A technique for finishing metal objects.

Why powder-coat?
Often used to revamp old car components, it is also a terrific way to give beat-up furniture a brilliant new look. A powder-coated surface is durable, requires little upkeep and is less likely to rust outdoors.

How is it done?
A powder-and-resin mix is electrically charged and sprayed onto stripped metal, which is then heated in an oven for smooth finish. Most shops offer a spectrum of colors, and finishes ranging from flat to high-gloss.

What can I have coated?
Garden furniture, bed frames, lamp bases.

How do I fine a pro?
Check out for a list of shops by state. Some shops take only industrial orders, so call ahead.

Is it expensive?
Having a garden chair power-coated cost $40 to $85 (more prep work, like stripping, puts you at a higher end of the range).

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